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  PSL Database  

Traditional preferred stock, trust, 3rd-party trust, ETDs, convertibles


Downloadable (spreadsheet format), sortable, printable


Current trading data (last trade price, volume, YTC, EAR, CY, chart)


One-click HotLists the highest quality issues


  Ex-dividend dates updated in real-time
  One-click dividend payment calendar for upcoming payers  
  Create and save your own 'Watchlists' (unlimited)

Chart prices - any date range, dividend history, multi-symbol


Dividend history (declaration, ex-div, record, payment, div amount)


Yield-To-Call (YTC), Effective Annual Return (EAR), Current Yield (CY)


Rate calculator (YTC, EAR, CY) with side-by-side comparisons


Qualified Dividend Income (QDI) designation for favorable tax treatment


List income securities issued or acquired by a specific company




Search Engine




Search using 25 characteristics (e.g. issues priced below par right now)


Search by ex-dividend date schedule to see upcoming dividend payers


Search by ratings, price, volume, yield, term, perpetual, QDI...


Create and save your filters for later use

  One-click 'Stock Check' finds issues with better return for lower price


  Alerts for new preferreds and upcoming calls  

Receive email and/or text alerts for new preferred stock introductions



 - Alerts for all US exchanges, including the wholesale OTC



 - Alerts include symbol, description, dividend details, ratings, risks



 - Alerts link to detailed Spec Sheet, prospectus, company research



Call notifications sent by email when one of your preferreds is called


   - Specify your own personal Call Alert List (unlimited)  
   - Call notifications include symbol, description, call date, links to info  
  Access to experts and research  

Monthly CDx3 Research Notes newsletter

  Company research - financials, con call transcripts, ratings, more  
  Preferred stock market trend charts and indicators  


Discussion group the largest group of preferred stock investors



Comprehensive On-line Tutorial

  Return calculators - current yield, yield-to-call, effective annual return  
  Special reports by Doug K. Le Du, author of Preferred Stock Investing  






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Preferred Stock List (PSL) database

  - Database features

  - Preferred Stock search engine features

  - Pricing, PSL subscription (Individual or Group)


Free Resources

  - CDx3 Newsletter (published by email the first week of every month)

  - Research article library (hosted by Seeking Alpha)

  - Test your knowledge (online preferred stock quiz)





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